A stolen pony was reunited with its owner after thousands of people took to social media to help find him.

Charlotte White, from Aslockton in Nottingham, woke up on Saturday 4 February to find her miniature Shetland pony, Stardust, had gone missing.

Stardust, who is just 32in tall, vanished on Friday evening at around 10pm.

He was found on a farm in Bingham by a dog walker, who called Charlotte to notify her that Stardust was wandering in a field, four miles up the road.

Charlotte said: “We think he was stolen, he just vanished, and I always make sure the gate is hooked on tight, but when he went missing it wasn’t.

“My sister and I were in pieces when we found out Stardust was missing, all of my friends and family helped me look for him.”

Stardust is well known in Aslockton, having helped countless children learn  to ride.

Jon Robinson, Communications Officer for Nottinghamshire Police, said: “The statistics for horse theft is on a small scale, with only five horses stolen in Nottinghamshire last year.”

He has an identifying ‘freeze’ mark on his back which consists of two numbers and two letters on his back.

Added Charlotte: “Anyone that has a horse I suggest they get their animals marked, to prevent this from happening to anyone else.”