Notts County Ladies have survived a liquidation scare after the high court have given the club more time to pay up outstanding debts.

The issue arose after Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs took the club to court over an undisclosed amount of unpaid debts.

The Lady Pies have now been given 49 days to pay their outstanding debts to HMRC.

Alan Hardy, the club chairman said on Twitter: “Given 49 day’s grace! Phew! Guess the sleepless nights start all over again”.

The club owner had previously saved Notts County from financial trouble, but now needs to do the same for the ladies side.

Mr Hardy had slammed the HMRC before the court hearing, saying: “As it stands, this is an atrocious deal for the tax payers.

“I’ve just spent three weeks of 18 hour days turning around the world’s oldest Football League club in Notts County, including paying all debts to HMRC,” he added.

“All I ask now is that we are given time to do the same with the ladies team.

“I can understand the frustration they have had with the previous owners but there is a genuine wish for us to do the right thing for the ladies club, its employees, and the club’s creditors.”

The club, who have a number of England international players, will now have until the 27th March 2017 to pay up all of their debts.