Police efforts to minimise shoplifting in Nottinghamshire is not enough to stop the increase in numbers of this crime, say city store staff.

According to Nottinghamshire Police, since 2011 Nottingham has recorded the highest number of shop thefts in November 2016, with 822 occasions in just one month. Also many crimes go unreported according to store managers.

Last year the police introduced a scheme to have a team of 12 sergeants, inspectors, and constables patrol the city centre 10 times a day in attempt to put shoplifters off.

However, Next in the Victoria Centre says it has experienced a significant jump in shoplifting this year.

Nargis Nawaz, Coordinator at Next, Nottingham, said: “Retailers cannot enforce shoplifters to ‘turn your pockets out’ and most stores do not have the necessary resources to follow this through with complete reliance on staff members.

“The laws of detainment needs to be relaxed if we wish to see a decrease in the number of people shoplifting.”

Next in the Victoria Centre

Angela Gregory, Sales Consultant at Next, Nottingham, said: “Retailers are restricted in ways where they confront and deal with situations which occur within stores as the laws protect the shoplifters to an extent.”

There appears to be a real pressure on retailers to invest in training staff on loss prevention and invest in security cameras and security guards.

Sales Consultant in Next, Nottingham

Retailers in Nottinghamshire together lose out on an estimated £15.5m each year according to Retail Research.

A 30-year-old, security guard at House of Fraser, Steve Shannon, said: “If they catch a shoplifter the first time they just give them a warning and it’s not even a criminal effort so they get off with it very lightly.

“The law is in the criminal’s favour a warning is not really a deterrent it is just letting them get away with it.”

Steve Shannon, security guard in House of Frazer, Victoria Centre Nottingham

A lot of the smaller shops don’t even have security guards and it is easy for someone to just run in, grab something and run out.

He said: “Investing in more security guards will be an investment worth made in the long run.”

Notts Police Commissioner Paddy Tipping said: “Clearly, we need to develop a long-term strategy and prevent further drain of valuable police resources and public funds.

“This has to embrace proven techniques to control offenders including greater use of electronic tagging to track shoplifters, more appropriate sentencing which incorporates drug and alcohol rehabilitation programmes and greater involvement among retail owners of shop-based crime prevention.