An all singing and dancing adaptation of William Shakespeare’s Henry V play is coming to Nottingham and it is a version of the classic production like nobody has seen before.

The London based theatre company- Antic Disposition are due to visit Southwell Minster in Nottingham on February 10 as part of their UK cathedral tour where they are also holding it at locations such as Cambridge, Lincoln and Norfolk.

Ben Horslen, Director and Co-Founder of Antic Disposition said: “We are excited to visit Southwell as it is such a beautiful venue and we’ve never been there before so we’re really looking forward to holding our production there.”

Antic Disposition first showcased their Henry V play in 2015 when they did a tour around France and two locations in London which means that eight of the locations they are appearing at will be firsts for them.

The acting troupe is known for its unusual and stunning performances of famous plays which often involves putting their own creative twist on them.

“I decided to add a musical element to the production and we turned a lot of the poetry used in the original into musical pieces to put our own spin on it,” said Ben.

The historic play is thought to have been written around the time of 1599 and tells the tale of King Henry V of England, what happened during the Battle of Agincourt in the time of The Hundred Years War and his involvement in it.

Ben added: “We chose to begin our French tour in 2015 because it was a special year for many things that were relevant to the play including the 600th anniversary of the Battle of Agincourt.

“We also changed it up by making the French and the English fighting on the same side as we thought it would be insensitive to have them battling against each other as we did do the first tour in France.” Explained Ben.

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