A Weight Watchers coach has been awarded for her contribution to helping change the lives of men and women in Carlton and Gamston.

Penny Pannell has been the leader of various Weight Watchers groups in Nottingham for seven years and has helped hundreds achieve a healthier and happier lifestyle.

Her dedication to the company was recognised last week when she was awarded the Weight Watchers Diamond coach status.

The award, which celebrates coaches who have provided exceptional support to their members, is given out every two years to a select few across the country.

The 48-year-old was shocked by the news despite her continuous efforts to helping members shed hundreds of pounds.

Penny, from Cinderhill, said: “This is a really coveted award which all leaders want to get their hands on.

“I’m really proud of myself but it is really for all my members. They’re the ones that work hard and prove that when you put your mind to something you can get it.”

The diamond leader award is given out every two years
The diamond leader award is given out every two years

Penny’s Weight Watchers journey began in 1994 where she lost a total of 55lbs, which prompted her to become a leader to members in Carlton and Gamston – running four meetings a week.

Now Penny dedicates her life to the company since being made redundant, ‘throwing herself’ into helping people achieve their goals.

Receiving the award for the second time during a meeting in Gamston Community Hall, Penny spoke on her achievements so far.

She said: “It’s amazing to receive some recognition but to see my members achieve something and to see their lives change is really special.

“I love looking after members and helping them achieve their dreams. One of my members has got her confidence back and is now at university.

“Another woman came to me and explained she needed to loose weight to receive IVF. She fell pregnant naturally after loosing weight which shows the support and encouragement given by myself, others members and the company can really change lives.”

Penny’s support makes you feel like you are not alone

Carlton meeting member, Janine Furr, was able to change her life around following help from Penny and Weight Watchers.

Janine, who weighed 25 stone when she attended her first meeting and has lost over 200lbs during her journey.

The mother of three from Netherfield believes the accolade awarded to leader Penny was well deserved.

She added: “Penny is extremely supportive and goes above and beyond for all her members. At times where I have felt mardy she has lifted me up and told me to keep on going.

“I have so much more confidence now which has pushed me to enrol onto a nursing course. Without the help of Penny and Weight Watchers it would of been hard to do it myself. I’ve never felt better.

“Penny’s support makes you feel like you are not alone and she 100% deserves this award. I’m so much more educated and have been able to completely turn my life around.”

Before and after: Janine thanks Penny for getting her to where she is today
Before and after: Janine thanks Penny for getting her where she is today