A part-time volunteer who keyed her victim’s forehead has avoided a jail sentence, Nottingham Magistrates’ Court heard today.

Naomi Algent, 23, of Wilton Street, admits assaulting Nadine James on January 17 this year.

The victim was involved in having a relationship with Algent’s boyfriend at the time of the assault.

Miss James was sat outside her partner’s home address in her car when Algent also turned up. The defendant then got out of her car and started to have a discussion with Miss James, which then turned into an argument.

This resulted in the victim suffering two punches to the face, car keys scraped across her head as well as damage to her car bonnet.

Derick Brown, the solicitor-advocate representing Algent said: “Naomi is a previous victim of domestic violence by her father, she was broken down but she has done her best to turn her life around.

“She is currently volunteering as well as looking after her disabled sister”.

The victim was taken to hospital for her injuries but did not need any treatment.

District Judge, Tim Spruce said: “Her volunteering and care for her sister shows there is a different side to Algent and this needs to be encouraged more”.

Algent was given 12 months community service alongside having to attend 15 rehabilitation activity sessions.