A businessman hopes to arrange an event to help the homeless after years of experiencing life on the streets himself.

James Beven, owner of Mansfield Shoe Repairs on West Gate, wants to take part in an event which will put him back on the streets again.

The 24-year-old, who became homeless when he was 15, turned his life around six years ago and now owns his own shoe repairing shop.

James moved into his grandparents house at 18 and was prompted to change by his family after years of drug abuse.

James said: “When my grandparents came back into my life they gave me the motivation to make a better life for myself.

“I ended up on the streets because of my addiction. My family wanted me to get better and they said they couldn’t take me in if I was involved in drugs. To say the least I was a really rebellious child.”

James started up his career by enrolling himself in a 12 week unpaid apprenticeship in shoe repairing.

18 months later James became an area manager in a similar shop before purchasing his own store front in Mansfield, which was the ‘icing on the cake’ after years of uncertainty.

Everyone has a downfall in life and i’m just lucky mine came early

After experiencing life on the streets himself, James is planning on returning to participate in a one night fundraiser organised by himself.

He added: “I really want to give back and see the change in the streets since I was there.

“If I could go back for one night it would help me get an insight into the struggles occurring now and how I could help.

“I know there has been a massive change. When I was on the streets as a teenager I was going round with people my age but now there are people of all different ages struggling.”

Due to certain legal conditions put forward by the council James must apply for permission before kick starting the fundraiser.

He is currently in talks with Mansfield District Council in hopes the event will get up and running in the forthcoming future.

James, who accredits his family for prompting a change, believes its never too late to turn your life around if you are on the street.

He said: “I believe everyone has a downfall in life and I’m just lucky mine came early and I was able to get it out the way.

“You need to try and help yourself. I went out there and got an apprenticeship and changed and just want to help those who are homeless that they can do the same. It is possible you can change your life around”