When it comes to the make-up world, it is all about being the first to grab the newest and best products on the market, the new “it” product that’s on everybody’s lips. It’s no different for the SiliSponge.

This product was a revelation in the world of make-up. Just as beauty bloggers and make-up lovers went crazy for matte liquid lipsticks, rainbow-coloured highlighters and unicorn-horn shaped brushes, this was also the case for the SiliSponge, and I managed to get hold of one.

Appearing to look like an extremely small breast implant, this 100 per cent silicone version of the beauty blender is what everyone’s talking about.
For those of you still not clear, this product is basically a futuristic make-up sponge, used for applying foundation and other make-up evenly across the face.

The SiliSponge

The original beauty blender first came about a few years ago and it was a must-have for make-up lovers. However, it quickly received numerous complaints that the blender soaked up more foundation than it actually dispersed onto the skin and wasted ridiculous amounts of product.

The Beauty Blender
The original Beauty Blender

Molly Cosmetics, the Hong Kong-based company that created the SiliSponge, promise that you need half as much product as you would for a beauty blender, and for just under £8, it is definitely saving you money in the long run.

The product has been out for just over two months and is already on its 10th restock. People are going crazy for it and I can see why.

So what is my take on it? Well the SiliSponge definitely disperses foundation extremely evenly and is so easy to clean up afterwards. A beauty blender takes a lot of washing, soaking and wiping to ensure it is clean after use, and I must say that a quick wipe with some make up remover ensured that this product was as good as new all over again.

Due to my make-up spreading extremely well, I probably used half as much foundation as I normally would use with a brush or beauty blender.

The only issue I had with this product is that I needed to use my beauty blender to finish the look. Yes, the SiliSponge distributed the product well, but I found myself looking slightly shiny after use. I needed that mattifying look that the beauty blender gives to achieve the finished look.

This is also an issue I have heard other make-up lovers speaking of. However, as a make up lover myself, I can never have too many make up products, so I do not mind this issue. At the end of the day, I will do whatever it takes to achieve the best look I can, and the SiliSponge definitely aids me in that.


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