A Nottingham-based company has designed a new air transportation car that aims to be able to drive and fly autonomously by 2020.

The revolutionary new air vehicle, NeoXCraft, will combine ducted fan technology, hybrid engine power, modern lightweight composite materials and advanced flight controllers to allow vertical take off and landing.

Daniel Hayes, CEO and co-founder of the Strelley Hall-based project, said the NeoXCraft will be an autonomous, comfortable and accessible vehicle that is intended to be ready by 2020 if testing is successful and all goes to plan.

He said: “The VRCO NeoXCraft has the potential to transform our dependency on road infrastructure.

“Imagine in five years’ time seeing 10 air traffic lanes over Nottingham with vehicles flying in controlled corridors, safely interacting with each other.

“The concept will ease congestion on a massive scale, and as the vehicle is electric, we will see a significant reduction in Co2.”

Research is being funded by the European Regional Development Fund, D2N2 LEP Low Carbon project and is supported by The Institute for Innovation in Sustainable Engineering at the University of Derby.

The vehicle will aim to be driven or flown from your driveway with a two-person capacity, a range of 200 miles and a cruise speed of 250 knots.

An emergency parachute system will be just one of the many safety features of the NeoXCraft.

Michael Smith, chairman and co-founder of the NeoXCraft, said: “What was once the backdrop to science fiction is now a reality, and it won’t be long before human flight enters a new era, a revolution in much the same way as autonomous/driverless cars.”

A crowd-funding campaign is about to be launched on Indiegogo to support the project and allow it to progress to the next stage.

The inspiration for this project stemmed from bringing together Daniel’s two passions, motorbikes and flying, initially conceiving an air-bike, this has evolved to the NeoXCraft.

To find out further details on the project and the team visit: www.vrco.co.uk