Introducing the best representation of British music since Chase and Status’ No More Idols. New Gen – A 17 track collaboration bringing together 17 of the UK’s best underground rappers and vocalists.

The album is a perfect highlight reel – embracing the rhythm and energy of this generation’s predecessors; marrying UK grime, garage, classic hip-hop in a crisper hi-fi style.

Full to the brim with witty, honest rhymes (including the special mention of ‘chocolate Nesquik’) with huge compositional bravery from the artists and producers respectively, the album also references the set backs grime music has faced in recent years.

Alluded to in Jacket Feat. 67 is Police Form 696, the risk assessment form responsible for the shut down of some of grime’s biggest events in the last decade.

With this politically mature ideal surrounding it, New Gen does not feel like a compilation from a host of underground artists, it feels more like a seasoned crew coming together for a star studded collaboration.

What is surprising about this release however, which also makes a great album, is that every time you listen, you hear something new that makes you fall deeper in love.

every time you listen, you hear something new that makes you fall deeper in love.

With this said there must always be a main event, and that comes in My Ways feat. AJ Tracey and J Warner.

What makes My Ways special above the other honourable mentions in this album is the way it lifts the album with its pop sensibility.

The track holds colourful textures and a thumping beat with drill like hi hats, reminiscent of American glitch hop kings, Exmag.

Teamed with the unforgettable chorus vocal from J Warner which skips over the wave of sub-bass, strings and synthesis makes My Ways the stand out record.

The entire project maintains a realness which from artist to artist is never lost sight of.

For anyone who want spoilers on which track they should skip to… Listen to the entire album and find out for yourself, there are too many great moments to only pinpoint a few.

To listen below to New Gen Presented by XL Recordings now.