Police and Crime Commissioner Paddy Tipping has urged younger people to consider joining the force as police recruitment continues.

Recruitment is underway after a two year freeze following a 25 per cent budget cut since Paddy Tipping came into post four years ago.

A priority is to bring modern skills to Nottinghamshire Police due to the changing nature of crime, with cyber-crime being a potent threat.

Mr Tipping said: “Having fresh faces and younger people in the organisation gives new life and vitality and shows that we can adapt to change.

“Technological skills are vital and younger people coming into the force tend to already have them, which makes them valuable.”

During the budget cuts the force has reduced police staff by over 100 officers but recruitment is now back on track with budget forecasts for next year opening up new roles for police staff and PCSOs.

Mr Tipping revealed that far more applications are received than jobs available and has recognised the benefit of using technology on the job.

He said: “Every neighbourhood team now has its own Facebook, lots of officers are tweeting and they all have elaborate phones that make it easier for them to communicate.

“In terms of efficiency, these skills help to keep police numbers on the street and as an officer, being able to record information on your own phone makes a real difference.”

Applications close on February 10th and can be made via the Nottinghamshire Police website here.