Nottingham Trent and The University of Nottingham are holding events for the LGBTQ+ community to raise awareness and reduce prejudice.

The events in Nottingham are part of a national scheme run annually by LGBT History Month that will aim to ‘promote equality and diversity for the benefit of the public.’

This is the 12th year that LGBT History Month has been organised after it began in 2005 by Sue Sanders, Elly Barnes and Schools OUT UK.

The event has been celebrated every February since to educate, raise awareness and combat prejudice.

Tom Kitching, Non-binary Officer of NTU pride society committee said: “I think it’s a time to celebrate LGBT history and culture and reflect on the past and the great people who came before us and their work which brought about great social change and protection.

“It’s a good opportunity to educate ourselves as so many are still ignorant about gay culture.

“It’ll be attending one of the film screenings at NTU, probably Pride and there’s also LGBT history month displays in Newton and Clifton which are open to all.”

Some of the events at NTU over February include screenings of films that show and promote LGBTQ+ issues.

Pride, the film based on the true story of how Welsh miners and gay rights activists in London worked together to further their respective causes by uniting against the then Thatcher government in 1984, will be screened.

The library will be putting up displays of literature and work that promotes LGBTQ+ issues which will be available for students to read throughout February.

This years poster for LGBT History Month 2017
This years poster for LGBT History Month 2017

It’s not just Nottingham Trent that are taking part, the University of Nottingham are also using February to promote, celebrate and educate people on LGBTQ+ topics.

Dr Max Biddulph, Chair of the University of Nottingham’s LGBTQ Staff Network, said: “With this programme, we have been keen to listen to our LGBT communities with the aim of reflecting as strongly as possible some of the current thinking and concerns as well as working with our partners across the city.

“The result is a rich spectrum of events that address both the process of articulating voice via activism, responding to current challenges such as hate crime.”

The university’s programme includes lectures on a vast array of subjects that are to do with the LGBTQ+ community including a screening of a documentary entitled, ‘Pay it no Mind,’ which focuses on revolutionary trans activist, Stonewall instigator and Andy Warhol model, Marsha P Johnson.

Director of LGBT History Month, Ibtisam Ahmed said: “On the one hand, we hope to interrogate the nature of the community within the UK and reflect a wider range of opinions than is conventionally shown.

“On the other hand, we are excited to welcome speakers from various countries to remind participants of the importance of LGBTHM in varied contexts.”

For a full list of events from Nottingham Trent click here, for University of Nottingham’s schedule click here