An Arabic-born man pleaded guilty to one count of fraud yesterday for cheating in his driver’s theory test, Nottingham Crown Court heard.

Zaid Sultan, 46, who cannot read or speak any English, took his test on January 10 at Pearson Test Centre at Castle House.

Sultan, of Calvert Road, had a translator with him in court who said that he committed the offence in order to ‘obtain a driver’s licence to become a delivery driver’ in order to support his five children.

He had entered the test centre and handed over all of his personal items but failed to tell the receptionist about the hidden phone in his sock which was connected to a Bluetooth device that was taped to his chest as well as a hidden earpiece.

A mystery caller listened to the questions and proceeded to tell Sultan the correct answers.

Sarah Knight, prosecuting, said: “A fraud investigator attended the test centre last year, but there was suspicion that he did the test through illegitimate means.”

Christopher Brewin, defending, said: “He has not seen his children in five months, which is painful.

“He is single and lonely. He has lived in the UK since 2010 after moving from Qatar and has been working in takeaway shops and factories.”

Sultan was jailed for 16 weeks as well as receiving a 16 week suspended sentence for one count of criminal damage that took place last November.