It has been found that over the last five years the race to upkeep a quirky yet sufficiently original style has seen independent fashion boutique’s soar through the roof.

But individuals are forking out hundreds of their hard earned cash to boutiques for products that high street giants are now mimicking, making the original seem mainstream, and who sell those garments for half the price.

So why should people embrace shopping independent?

Because spending money to help an aspiring, young fashion enthusiast fund his/her own business and home-lifestyle is undoubtedly a better choice than putting your money into the pocket of a millionaire.

Long gone are the days where the average shopper can expect to be made to feel important whilst hundreds of other customers are vying for the last pair of ‘those jeans’ on a high street store.

Fear no more. It has been found that independent stores, from fashion to food, have higher quality care than those on the high street.

This is down to the fact that a high consumer satisfaction rate is fundamental to their survival, so more love and care has gone in to all the products!

So next time you’re browsing, be sure to consider the time and effort that goes into running a fashion boutique.