A brave toddler has won the battle against cancer less than a year after being diagnosed with a dangerous brain tumour.

Jorja-Rose Dawson, of Bestwood, was diagnosed with Pineoblastoma on April 5, last year.

The two-year-old had her end of treatment scan on Monday, January 23, after which her parents then received a call on the Friday giving her the all clear.

A delighted Jorja-Rose’s mum, Carla McFarlene, said: “There is still a tiny bit of tissue left where the tumour was. However, we were informed that no surgery would be required.”

The doctor told the 30-year-old that the brain tumour was too dangerous to operate on because of the surrounding blood vessels, and when the surgeon touched the tumour, it would bleed.

As an alternative the toddler had to undergo eight rounds of intense chemotherapy along with a stem cell transplant at Sheffield Children’s Hospital.

Carla said: “She was very poorly for a long time, it was a very scary time. Doctors could not predict if Jorja was going to pull through.”

The type of tumour discovered has a 50/50 chance of returning.

Father of toddler Lee Dawson, 27, stated that Jorja is an “absolute soldier”.

He said: “It feels like its life-changing again. I know I’m not going to get any better news that the news I got last Friday.

“She is so young, she doesn’t deserve this. It couldn’t have been done without the support of our friends and family, it has been a hug help.”

Carla added: “This has been a living nightmare for myself and my family but we have picked up each other when needed. This has made us stronger than ever.”

The family received a lot of support from friends, family and Jorja’s followers around the world.

Carla took to social media to highlight her daughters cancer battle and received support through the hashtag #teamjorja

Carla said: “It is still a bit daunting knowing that it could come back. But we are ecstatic.”