Recognised as one of the most influential British groups of all time, The Kinks were all about pushing the boundaries of music, so why not extend that into musical theatre?

The rightly raved about winner of the 2015 Olivier Award for Best New Musical is an ingenious mixture of an adrenaline fuelled concert combined with the fun of the theatre.

After hearing about its success on the West End I was thrilled to hear about it coming to Nottingham and just had to purchase tickets straight away.

Following their journey from the beginning, the audience watches the explosive evolution of the Cockney band from their start-up band The Ravens following their rise to fame as The Kinks.

It tells the roller-coaster tale from how they were ‘discovered’ covering their debut on Top of the Pops, their infamous American tour and their triumphant comeback.

Capturing their definitive sound, the show features iconic hits such as Waterloo Sunset, Lola, Dedicated Follower of Fashion and their loud and highly energised number one, You Really Got Me which had the whole theatre on its feet.

The show concentrates on the iconic lives of brothers Ray and Dave Davies, ordinary boys from Muswell Hill with rebellious attitudes that reflect the spirit of the 60s as a whole which makes it feel like you have stepped into a time machine (or so I imagine).

The boy’s rocky relationship is portrayed in a beautiful way that contains a lot of humour to break up the short time between songs.

The only criticism I have is that half way through, they swapped the actor playing Ray Davies, which disrupted the flow of the show but I imagine that this is not usually the case.

After contacting the Nottingham Theatre Royal though it seems that this was just a chance for both actors to warm up for their weekend show and is a regular occurrence in weekday shows.

With music and lyrics by the one and only Ray Davies (winner of the Olivier Award for Outstanding Achievement in Music), a new book by Joe Penhall and direction by Edward Hall, this talented collection of people have created a masterpiece.

Unlike any other musical I’ve seen before, I believe it is here to stay and can’t wait for it to return to Nottingham’s Theatre Royal so I can go again.