A Mansfield man is running a 58k ultra-marathon in Italy to raise money for the Liver Department at Nottingham’s Queen’s Medical Centre.

Brent Stojanovic, 28, is completing the ultra-marathon next month to say thank you to the Hepatology department for caring for his dad, who was diagnosed with terminal liver cancer in 2015.

Brent, who will be running the ultra-marathon on March 5, is hoping to raise at least £400 to help the liver department to improve to facilities, buy new equipment and provide additional services to patients and local medical research.

He said: “This department and its team have blown my family and I away over the course of the last year with their professionalism, expertise and willingness to consistently go over and above for their patients.

“Grinding out a marathon plus another 16 kilometres to raise a bit of money really seemed like the least I could do to pass on our thanks.”

“I’m confident Brent has the determination and confidence to battle through until the very end.”
Richard Mosek

Brent said: “My dad was part of a clinical trial at QMC which meant the nurses spent a lot of time working directly with my dad.

“They were really committed and worked around the clock to give a more personal approach to the treatment.”

“In my head I have a target of how long I want to complete the marathon in but I haven’t told anyone because I want it to be more about the experience and giving something back to the first class treatment my dad has received.”

Running has been a hobby of Brent’s for over three years so feels he is prepared for the challenge.

He said: “I have competed in half marathons before and I know this will be a huge test for me but I am more than willing to take it on.”

Brent frequently visits Italy on holiday and will be running the ultra-marathon around Lake Trasimeno in Italy’s Umbria region.



He said: “I have chosen Italy because I love the country and have visited the majority of places there.

“Lake Trasimeno is in the central region of Italy which is remarkably flatter then most Italian lakes, which will hopefully make the race that little bit easier.

“I’ve also never been to Umbria, so I get to tick that part of the country on my to-visit list.”

Richard Mosek, 29, originally from Mansfield but now lives in London, has known Brent for over 20 years and is flying over to Italy to support him on his run.

He said: “I think it’s a difficult challenge Brent has taken on and will definitely be a real test for him, but I’m confident he has the strength and determination to battle through to the very end.

“When he first told me about it, I thought he was mad! But then he explained his reasons for participating and I thought it was great idea for raising money for an excellent cause.

“My plan is to travel to various points along the course and hurl abuse at him, maybe the occasional supportive cheer too, to keep his morale up and keep him going during the final stretches.”

If the target of £400 is raised, Brent has also vowed to die his hair bleach blonde.

He said: “Having really dark hair means that dying it blonde will probably look ridiculous, but it’s only for a laugh.”

You can donate on Brent’s JustGiving page here.