A man has been jailed today for a serious robbery that took place at the Sainsbury’s supermarket in Chilwell.

In the early hours of December 31, Daniel J Casey, 30, approached the delivery doors of the grocery giant.

Miss Wells, who was preparing food in the bakery ready for the opening of the store, opened the delivery doors unaware that Casey, who was wielding a knife and wearing a hood and scarf, was outside.

Casey, of no fixed abode, then barged through the doors and grabbed Miss Wells by the throat before demanding her to take him to the till area.

He proceeded to drag her through the aisles of the store with a black handled kitchen knife held to her throat.

Miss Wells pleaded with the man saying she was unable to open the tills due to a safety lock.

Mr Bond, another employee who had seen the commotion, went to the tills and forced them open before grabbing a carrier bag and filling it with money.

“It will affect him psychologically.”

Casey then demanded that Miss Wells showed him the way out, which by that point another employee who witness the act on CCTV phoned the police.

The police attended the scene quickly and found Casey in a nearby field with the carrier bag, which contained £1,197.39 in notes and coins and a weapon, another knife, hidden in his waistband.

Police seized both items at the scene.

Miss Wells said in a statement: “I feared for my life. I injured my back in the struggle and had to call an ambulance.

“I feared for my life. I injured my back in the struggle and had to call an ambulance.”

“I woke up the next day with a very sore throat.”

The defence attorney told Judge James Sampson about how Casey was a serious heroin addict but has been clean for the past couple of years.

It was heard that he also suffers from Nephrotic Syndrome, a disease that affects the kidneys. The same disease killed his father two years ago.

She said: “It will affect him psychologically and physically. The burglary wasn’t planned as he was not in a fit state of health.”

Judge James Sampson said: “The burglary was clearly planned as you approached the back doors with a weapon and a disguise.

“You terrorised Miss Wells and manhandled her which has affected her sleep.”

Casey was sentenced to six years imprisonment and will have to serve at least three before he is considered for release.