They say you are what you eat but with these all you can eat buffet style dessert restaurants, does that make me a giant original glazed doughnut then?

Just when you thought the sweet treats, chocolates and cakes were all part of Christmas past, don’t fret the latest Nottingham hideaways are sure to send you into calorific heaven.

If the city’s newest dessert shop, Creams Cafe doesn’t tickle your fancy, then I’m sure the handful of others will be on hand to crave your sweet tooth and send your blood sugar level racing.

Let’s face it’s hard to escape sugary treats in the city.

So whether it’s doughnuts, crepes or milkshakes you’re looking for there’s plenty of places to go.

The city has become overrun with dessert shops in recent months, from Heavenly Desserts to Kaspa’s.

Where’s Jamie Oliver when you need him?

But is this sudden crave for everything sweet just a step too far?

I find it hard to comprehend how the rise of healthy living has been shattered so easily.
Last year saw a growth in the ideal healthy lifestyle.

We were told to juice, exercise and to make our meals from fresh in less than 15 minutes so how has it come to fast food, sugar and carbs taking over our city?

In a society obsessed with body image it seems we go from one extreme to the other without noticing.

I like my chocolate and sweets but I also value my waist line and pearly whites.

Where’s Jamie Oliver when you need him?