Huthwaite residents are furious over the amount of mud on the roads and have started petitions to get Ashfield District Council to take more action.

The complaints suggest that the lorries, which have been bringing soil to the Brierley Forest Golf Course, are leaving large amounts of dirt, stones and bricks on Main Street and Common Road after leaving the site.

A petition, which has over 300 signatures, has been set up by Huthwaite resident Alex Ivanov, as well as an ePetition on the council website.

Alex said: “For months there has been a lot of cars skidding and people’s clothing, cars and houses covered in dirty spray.”

“The lorries have also had a lot of stones, gravel and large chunks of rock dropping off their loads which causes danger to road users and pedestrians.”

The ePetition has also asked the Council to “bring to bear all powers at its disposal, to greatly improve standards of cleanliness, health & safety and traffic flow.”

Councilor Lee Anderson, who frequently posts updates about the issue on the Huthwaite and Brierley Community page on Facebook, has raised concerns over public safety.

He said: “Hundreds or thousands of tonnes of soil has been brought in on the lorries and is damaging the roads which is not only dangerous for the pedestrians but is causing an eye sore and people have completely had enough.

“From my point of view, it is greedy land owners putting money before people.”

“From my point of view, it is greedy land owners putting money before people.”

In December last year, people took matters into their owns hands and held protests on the road to try to stop the lorries from passing.

Keely Hodson, 34, who has lived in Huthwaite for over twenty years has also expressed her anger on Facebook.

She said: “A lorry went past us this morning and great big clumps of mud fell off all the wheels making a right mess.

“The sweeper followed him and it just smeared it all over the road.”

Cllr Anderson reassured people on Facebook that after meeting with the planning and environmental departments at the Council, both teams are on board to tackle the problem.

The Council has also assured people they are investigating and taking all complaints very seriously.

At the time of publication Brierley Forest Golf Club refused to make a comment.