A petition has been set up online against an alleged proposal that would see Seven Hills homeless accommodation become a site for travellers.

Newark and Sherwood District Council have allegedly agreed to spend £70,000 on upgrades to make way for the site in the middle of an estate.

Citizens in the area have also had an opportunity to have their say.

Marie Doody, Winthorpe Estate, said: “I lived at Seven Hills with my children and we would have been homeless without it.

“It also meant my children could attend the same school as we didn’t have to move towns.”

Daniel Haz, Newark, said: “Seven Hills is used to re-home people in need. This is an important area that should not be taken away from the community.”

“To knock this facility down when we are crying out for housing is sacrilege.”

The Seven Hills Community Centre just off Quibells Lane in Newark has been used as a homeless shelter for over seven years.

The petition was set up on January 27 and received over 400 hundred signatures in just two days.

Newark town councillor, Roy Williams, said: “To knock this facility down when we are crying out for housing is sacrilege.”

So it has received 624 out of 1,000 of the signatures needed for the council to reconsider their plans.

A public meeting will be held tomorrow by the area’s Independent district councillors, Gill Dawn and Irene Brown, at 6.30pm at the Bridge Community Centre.

A spokesman for East Notts Traveller Association said: “Not everyone wants to live on Tolney Lane, especially on a floodplain.

“Obviously if you have plenty of money, you can buy land but not all Travellers have that.”

If you want to support this petition or have your say, click this link.