People in Nottingham have shared their views on Donald Trump and how his presidency might affect the UK as the US prepare to officially unveil their new leader.

The always controversial business tycoon provoked a mixed reaction from people of all ages in the city centre ahead of his inauguration tonight.

Tommy Daniel, 22, a law student at Nottingham Trent University, said: “I’m not really a fan of Donald Trump, but I’m not sure that his position will affect the UK in any way.”

Angus Bennett, 19, a graphic design student at Nottingham Trent University, said: “Donald Trump is known to have a friendship with Nigel Farage, so that could possibly affect us here, but I certainly hope not.”

Rupert Matthews, 36, a lecturer in business at Nottingham Trent University, said: “I think that Trump’s election and Brexit will both have an impact. It depends on the relationship between the US and the UK but it might mean that we work in our own little world away from everybody else.”

Neil Gordon, 50, said: “I think Donald Trump’s policies on economics are bang on and I think that they’ll prove to be a big help to America and the wider world. I agree that Trump comes across as abrupt, abusive and rude but economically his tenure as president could be a good thing.”

Maggie Campbell, 74, who is retired, said: “We have a friend in America and he’s all for Trump and says that you have to live in the US to fully appreciate what’s happening. Personally, I can’t stand the man but time will tell whether his time as president is successful. I’m not sure whether his actions will have an impact on the UK, but he’ll certainly like to think so.”

Gillian Thornley, 67, who is also retired, said: “I think Trump’s presidency could have an impact on the UK and the wider world, obviously the financial markets are affected. He seems to be in favour of the UK but I don’t know whether that’s another one of his delusions.”