Nottingham City council set to fund a new charity to help bring communities together and provide affordable meals.

Excess food from supermarkets such as Tesco, Sainsbury’s and Morrisons in Nottinghamshire will be used to offer meals in the Super Kitchen.

Launching the ‘Year of Social Eating’ campaign, the council hope the charity will promote healthy eating, create more social eating places to bring the community together and make Nottingham the UK’s first social eating city.

Barry Whyler, Super Kitchen Project Manager said: “We believe in the simple act of eating together, especially an affordable meal, using surplus food in a society changing opportunity.”

Plans for 10 new kitchens will be set up in Arboretum, Aspley, Basford, Berridge, Bilborough, Bridge, Bestwood, Leen Valley, Mapperley and Wollaton.

Meals cost £2.50 and use ingredients that would otherwise go to waste.

Through the campaign people can also pay for a meal for someone else to help those most in need.

Barry added: “Sharing a meal, chatting with others, getting out and being sociable over a meal cooked with good quality food can have a massive effect on our well-being.

“A sense of belonging to the community improves mental health, with the added benefit of improved physical health in sharing a wholesome freshly cooked meal.”

Following the success of charities open in Cambridgeshire, Warwickshire, Derbyshire and Lincolnshire, the aim is to have a Super Kitchen in every city by 2017.

Councillor Corall Jenkins said: “Research shows lack of proper nutrition affects people’s physical and mental health which in the long term causes huge pressures on health and social care costs so there’s an economic as well as a moral case for us to take preventative action by supporting schemes like Super Kitchens.”

In the UK, there was an estimated 10 billion tonnes of food waste in 2016 from household waste, food manufactures, food services and retail with a value of £17 billion a year.

The Super Kitchen will work to combat these figures while providing for the community.

To join the social eating movement visit the Super Kitchen to find out how to set up your own kitchen.