A brand new £80,000 skate park in St Ann’s is now open and has been awarded a near perfect score by the national Considerate Constructors Scheme putting Nottingham back on the map for skateboarding.

As skateboarding is set to become an Olympic event at the Tokyo Olympics in 2020, Nottingham is preparing to give the sport a new home close to the city centre.

The disused bowling green in King Edwards Park, St Ann’s has been transformed into an innovative skate plaza in attempt to reduce anti-social behaviour in the area.

The project was a collaboration with specialist skate park design firm CANVAS, Skate Nottingham, Forty Two Skate shop, Nottingham City Council and Woodhead taking influences from iconic parks around the world and has become an immediate success.

Alex Hallford, 24 from Forty Two skate shop said: “It’s got some nice obstacles and they did a good job with not much budget at all, but the build quality is really good and there’s room for expansion which I hear is on the cards.”

local skaters in action at new skate plaza
local skater Greg Hollingsworth in action at new skate plaza – photo by Tom Quigley

Alex said: “I think it will help the area and the Notts skate scene is definitely strong at the moment. Skate parks these days are so well used they’ll be 80 kids at a time on them with skateboards, scooters and bikes.”

The CCS awarded the new plaza 47 out of 50 and with the national average being 35.42 this places the King Edward Skate Park in the top 1% in the country.

Chris Lawton, of Skate Nottingham, said: “King Edward Park was designed with the aim of being a ‘non-traditional’, street style park that would not be hostile to the local community, and would enable skaters in Nottingham to develop their skillset and style of skating that could then be taken to the public realm.”

He added: “We are currently exploring funding with Nottingham City Council to help fund training, insurance and accreditation for skate coaches so we can run sessions at King Edward Park for school children, adults and women and girls.”