With February looming it is make or break time as to whether we have kept our well thought out New Year’s resolutions.

In the merry month of December it’s easy to get carried away with unrealistic promises to yourself about how you’re going to make all those important self-improvement tasks.

It could be a plethora of things such as losing weight, being on time for work every day or even just remembering to speak to your loved ones more.

A poll by ComRes Global which interviewed 2,014 adults in the UK about their New Year’s Resolutions revealed a surprising amount of people in the East Midlands who haven’t managed to stick to their guns.

Forty eight per cent of people said they wanted to lose weight, 15 per cent said they aspired to learn a new hobby or skill and eight per cent wanted to spend more time with family and friends.

While these are all admirable goals the actual percentage of people in the East Midlands who claimed that they ended up giving up because they lost motivation was 43 per cent and 55 per cent said they were not committed enough.

Nicola Yassin, Nottingham based Life Coach at Invisible Orchard Coaching, said “We look at resolutions as something that happens on January 1st but that is all just based on the tradition of ‘new year new me’.

“People don’t stick to their goals because they set them too big, for example if someone wanted to lose five stone I would tell them to set sub goals in between like starting to walk for 30 minutes a day.”

It’s easy to become impatient when waiting to see results of the change that you might make especially if it’s something you have worked hard towards.

Yassin continues: “Reflection and accountability are key, when people aren’t seeing the results that they wanted I get them to make a timeline of how far they’ve come and compare it to when they started.

“As humans we love to blame external factors for failing but once we self reflect and take full responsibility for ourselves you will be much more successful.”

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