A conservation group which protects a West Bridgford woodland has been reassured after a meeting with builders about plans to develop the surrounding area.

The Friends of Sharphill Wood met with Bovis Homes to discuss how they were going to protect the area when work takes place to build a new housing estate.

Talks took place yesterday to discuss the situation amid fears any development would impact on the woodland.

But Friend’s secretary, Bill Logan, hailed the meeting as a success and said Bovis Homes has reassured the group over several key issues.

He said: “Bovis confirmed that they would put up a post and rail fence surrounding the wood, which we are extremely happy about.

“They also said they would build a cycle path to the east and north of the wood, stopping cyclists from having to cross through it,” he added.

The Friends of Sharphill Wood carry out jobs such as planting hedges, tidying litter and protecting plants and animals within the wood.

Despite assurances in some areas, Mr Logan said not all of the groups concerns had been addressed.

He revealed that plans to build extra entrances had not been finalised, with Mr Logan saying he believed extra gates would make it easier for people to enter the wood.

He said:”A gate would create a corridor for people to use, rather than allowing them to enter wherever they feel like.”

During the meeting, plans over a community park and providing sheds for the group were also discussed.

Friends of Sharphill Wood is now working with Bovis to create an information pack for residents.