We all remember the day, Wednesday November 7th, when America had a choice.

A choice between electing the first woman President, taking a huge step forward into women’s equality, or, maybe take an even bigger step backwards into the dark ages of bigotry and racism.

I personally woke up early that morning to watch what I thought would be a moment in history, but sadly, I was wrong, very wrong.

Somehow, Donald Trump won the election, now his inauguration is upon us,  and the worries of what is to come looms over not just America’s, but the world’s head.

His election campaign was built on the promise of a wall along the border of Mexico and a temporary ban on Muslims entering the United States.

We have not seen this sort of religious action since the 1930s and we all know what happened there.

How this self-proclaimed billionaire won this election is beyond me. A man who has had absolutely no political experience at all ran against a woman who had a lifetime in politics and won. Why? Maybe America was scared of change. Maybe the Barack Obama reign was a step too far for ordinary Americans and they wanted the old ways back.

Protests in Washington and New York have dominated the news these past couple of days as the inauguration causes no end of trouble and unrest.

It’s not just in America though, here in Nottingham, a protest group called “Dump The Trump” will be protesting near the Brian Clough statue in old market square tonight at 6pm.

The claims that Russia tampered with the election was not as surprising to me as it was to everyone else.

Trump and Putin has been the most obvious friendship in world politics. They are both rich and white and have let power get to their head. It’s the sort of friendship that could go either way, depending on what comes out of Donald Trump’s twitter account.

If he says anything that offends Putin or Russia in anyway, we should all run for cover. This twitter addict needs to keep his thumbs to himself.

Rejecting the FBI’s claim that Russia hacked the computers of the Clinton was his first mistake in my eyes. The FBI is one of the most trusted organisations in the world and can save the country from disaster in a matter of minutes, Trump will be stupid to ignore them. How can you argue with your first line of defence? If he carries on in this vein, he isn’t going to have a first line of defence.

Barack Obama’s election win brought us hope that America is finally accepting diversity. Under his power, gay marriage was brought into law and the most dangerous man in the world was killed. I cannot see any of this happening during a Trump administration.