Nottingham’s only alcohol-free bar is making the most of popular new years trend ‘Dry January’.

Cafe Sobar is the first of its kind and offers alcohol free alternatives to all of its customers.

The cafe on Friar Lane, which seats 60 guests and opens seven days a week, has raised awareness of Dry January through their social media campaign.

Jason Loftus, Marketing and Events manager, said: “January is the perfect time for us to strike because alcohol awareness is on a lot of people’s minds.”

The Sobar Cafe located on Friar Lane
The Cafe Sobar located on Friar Lane

The 42-year-old from Vernon Avenue, Nottingham, was inspired to help those battling addiction after his brother John suffered with alcoholism.

He has worked at Cafe Sobar since it first opened in January 2014 by Double Impact, the Nottingham based drug and alcohol recovery charity.

All profits go directly back into the charity and help fund the services needed to support people to rebuild their lives.

The cafe gives a 50 per cent discount card to anyone undergoing therapy in Nottingham.

Mr Loftus said: “Nothing will change unless the individual is motivated, so we try to give people as many opportunities to do that.”


Cafe Sobar partnered up with Mr Fitzpatricks Vintage Cordials and post videos and recipes on social media showing people how to make a range of mocktails.

They also post alcohol unit consumption guidelines and warn about the long term effects excessive alcohol consumption can have on the human body.

Mr Loftus said: “It’s a way for people that struggle with alcoholism to try and obtain control, and we hope that our recipes inspire and motivate people to stick at it and come out the other side.”

Natalie Hearn, 21, of Chippenham Road, Nottingham, said: “I think its really important that people understand what the effects of alcohol are.

“I love the idea of Cafe Sobar, its got such a friendly atmosphere and gives people struggling with alcohol addiction a place to go away from any distractions.

“Resolutions don’t just have to be limited to January, I think its silly when people set themselves a resolution just because its January and everyone else is doing it.”

Inside Cafe Sobar, rated 4.5 on Tripadvisor
Inside Cafe Sobar, rated 4.5 on Tripadvisor

Every Monday, Wednesday, Friday and weekends Cafe Sobar host alcohol anonymous meetings and every last Friday of the month hold Sobar Social events.

On Friday, January 27, Cafe Sobar is celebrating its third birthday with a Sobar Social featuring. singer-songwriter OnKaur, rapper Alice Short and Scottish duo Achillies Heel.

Mr Loftus hopes the franchise will spread across the country, he said: “I’d love to open one in Amsterdam or Holland because of they are renowned for their partying culture I think it’ll be refreshing for them.”

To find out more about the alcohol free cafe visit their website.