This trendy food spot in Nottingham has always prided itself on the relaxed atmosphere and versatile choice of vegetarian and vegan friendly food and drink.

However, the recent outcry of vegans and veggies detesting the new Bank of England £5 notes that contain animal fat, tallow, has left these Alley Cafe cats scratching their chins at the thought of putting a ban on the legal tender in their Cafe.

In the run-up to Animal Rights Week, the UK is expected to see a surprisingly high turnover of restaurants questioning the morality of exchanging animal based products for the sale of allegedly ‘cruelty free’ meals.

Alley Cafe, a vegetarian/vegan food cafe based in the middle of Nottingham’s City Centre, is weighing up whether a ban on the new blues will help to boost business.

The cafe aims to make a decision by the end of this week.

Newly hired Operations Manager, Rosie said: “I can understand why vegans are so passionate about supporting the cause. Working with Alley Cafe has definitely started to turn me more to their side I guess.”

The passionate manager believes that branding is an important aspect of running and owning a restaurant.

Yet still the question remains as to whether putting a ban on the new £5 notes will be a good business decision to make for vegetarian and vegan cafe’s that aren’t as popular as mainstream cafes, such as Starbucks and Greggs.

Rainbow Cafe Brixton is the first in what’s anticipated to be a trend of vegetarian cafes refusing the new £5 note in an attempt to ‘destroy’ the ‘indestructible’ fiver.

Following in their footsteps, the Alley Cats hopes to create a social buzz around their decision to call quits on the exchange of animal goods for anti-animal services.

Rosie believes that the ban would benefit them in terms of marketing appeal, however, she worries that a ban may appear discriminatory against those who, like her, have a diet that consists of both vegetarian days and meat-eating days.

She said: “It would be a bad business move to turn people away if that’s the only money that they have. We have had people question the ethics of it.”


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