If you’re from Nottingham you should have at least heard of D.I.D, the band formerly known as Dog Is Dead.

The local boys sprang out of the blocks back in 2011 playing Glastonbury before they’d even released an album. Their debut eventually came in 2012 with the fantastic ‘All Our Favourite Stories‘ but in the past few years, bar a subtle name change and an EP release, they’ve been pretty quiet.

That all changed this past weekend with a victorious hometown show at The Bodega in support of the release of their second album ‘The State We’re In‘ and to celebrate the 10th birthday of the band.

Their second album adds a melancholic edge to their normal anthemic indie-pop and set opener ‘Flush‘ reflects this perfectly. The particularly youthful crowd lap up everything the band throws at them, gleefully singing back every word despite the new album only being 48 hours old by the time of the gig.

But this is testament to D.I.D.’s songwriting ability; they craft chorus’ that demand to be sung at the top of your voice. This includes new track ‘Funnybones‘ as the galloping drums that dominate the verses give way to a chorus that should be filling rooms much bigger than The Bodega.

Older cuts from ‘All Our Favourite Stories‘ prove to be the best moments of the night however. The layered vocals and saxophone solos of the six minute behemoth ‘Burial Ground’ began a breathless run of crowd favourites, including ‘Two Devils‘ which was met with the majority of the crowd screaming back the “If we don’t stop now we’ll be dead by summer” refrain.

The energy carried over into ‘Glockenspiel Song‘, which was introduced by the band as one of the first songs that they wrote together. Judging by keyboardist Joss Van Wilder’s stage dive during the track, which you can see below, you could tell the track meant a lot to both the band and the crowd.

The night was brought to a euphoric close with the band’s most well known and newest singles in ‘Teenage Daughter‘ and ‘Killer Whale‘. Both sparked crowd surfers and the typical people aloft on shoulders, but its not often you see the gig photographer being held above the crowd alongside the beaming crowd members.

Everything about the night was a celebration of both ‘The State We’re In‘ and D.I.D. as a whole. During the gig the band admitted that they played their first gig at The Bodega 10 years ago so it was pretty much their birthday. But this throws up a problem. Surely a band such as D.I.D. should be playing bigger venues after so much time together. Whether this becomes the case after ‘The State We’re In‘ however is yet to be seen.