A “drunk” man found curled up in a ball on the streets of Nottingham abused paramedics trying to help him, a court heard.

David Clark, of Honiton Road, Broxtowe, admitted disorderly conduct at Nottingham Magistrates Court today.

The court heard police found the 52-year-old “smelling of alcohol” at 3am, on October 23 lying in his vomit with head injuries.

Clark was unresponsive until the paramedics arrived at the scene, and then became verbally abusive.

Police were called to the scene and then took Clark to Queen’s Medical Centre.

Margaret Martin, prosecuting, said: “Upon arrival (at the hospital), Mr. Clark was calm, but when he was asked to provide a blood pressure test, he became verbally abusive towards the nurse, calling him homosexual and shouting homophobic abuse.”

The comments were heard by other patients and hospital staff, and the defendant also made misogynist remarks, she added.

Ms Martin told the court that the doctor examining Clark’s head injuries had complained about his behaviour.

Defending, Emma Eardley, said: “The defendant has been on prescribed medication for anxiety and depression, and is not supposed to consume alcohol while taking the medication.

“The defendant has no recollection of the incident, and doesn’t blame anyone for his actions.

“He is horrified by his behaviour, and has pleaded guilty to the offence.”

Magistrate Pete Dexter said that the aggravating factor of the whole case was that Clark made homophobic comments in the presence of public servants and other patients.

He said: “The fine was initially going to be £120, but due to the homophobic comments that were said, we’ve had to raise your fine up to £180.”

Clark was ordered to pay a total of £295; £180 fine, a victim surcharge of £30, and court costs of £85.