Yesterday marked the opening of the highly anticipated Griddle & Shake restaurant in Nottingham’s Lace Market – but what’s it like?

The all new food chain that opened in Fletcher Gate, promised to ‘take the market by storm.’

It serves burgers in a variety of meats such as chicken, pulled pork and beef.

The vegetarian option on the menu, the Tempeh Burger, is a unique creation that is only found at Griddle & Shake.

Owner and Michelin-trained chef Ed Halls, said: “We are delighted to have launched the first Griddle & Shake restaurant in Nottingham.

“As a passionate burger enthusiast, I can’t wait for people to immerse themselves in the Griddle & Shake experience.”

Cow Statue on display at Griddle & Shake

The restaurant also boasts use of local suppliers, with The Fruit Basket providing all the fresh fruit and vegetables.

Self proclaimed foodie Ed, who has worked in Michelin-starred restaurants in the past, says he came up with the idea through his own culinary experiences.

He said: “I think it’s important to give people a choice, that way, they can see the burger being made right in front of them in the way they want it to be.”

£9.50 can get you a regular burger, a side and a drink.

Students of Nottingham will benefit from 10 per cent discount as well as a student passport which entitles holders to discounts and freebies.

Ed added: “It’s important to be affordable, we’re trying to make quality burgers but at the same time, making sure that they’re not at premium prices.”

“We try to be a middle ground between your cheaper burger chain and your more expensive restaurant.”

Griddle & Shake on Fletcher Gate
Griddle & Shake on Fletcher Gate

Going forward, Ed hopes to open Griddle & Shake in up to 20 major cities around the UK in the next five years.

We tried one of Griddle & Shake’s meals, click here to watch on our Facebook page.