THE world has the chance to look into the Church of Scientology like it has never before as legendary British documentarian Louis Theroux made his ground breaking feature length debut; My Scientology Movie.

The new documentary created in collaboration with BBC and the British Film Institute investigates one of the planet’s most surreal religious groups and the scandalous history behind the walls of its home, Golden Era Studios and its charismatic leader, David Miscavige.

Theroux’s famous and so familiar first person style was a clear and obvious element of the project the moment the curtain went up in the cinema.

The documentary’s poster and opening credits were styled in a fashion reminiscent of Ralph Steadman, the British illustrator and friend of novelist, Hunter S. Thompson.

To any fan of the late great father of Gonzo, My Scientology Movie holds many similarities in its style to that of Thompson which is key to Theroux’s success in making this documentary so unforgettable.


What is also pleasantly surprising is his capability to create such an impressive work, despite the confrontation the Church of Scientology placed against him.

Be it direct emails by the church’s legal team, intimidation, cars following Theroux through the streets of Los Angeles or camera crews sent by the church to keep watch on him and his sources as the making of the documentary was in progress.

Theroux and his source, Marty Rathburn set out to recreate the most damning scenes of indecency Rathburn claims to have witnessed in his over 35-years, living as the Church’s most powerful enforcer.

Theroux had put out a casting call for actors to play two of the most visible figures in the church, David Miscavige and actor, Tom Cruise.

The use of these actors, specifically the actor playing David Miscavige to explain the story is a touch that cements this documentary as truly special.

This work by Theroux is possibly the crowning moment in his catalogue of great investigations.

Although he was not able to move between the church walls like he did in the Westboro Baptist Church, twice, this alternative attempt to make sense of what it is to be a part of the Church of Scientology is a true testament to Louis Theroux and his director, John Dower.

It is understood that now the church is making a documentary about Louis Theroux.

He obviously did something right.

View the trailer for Louis Theroux: My Scientology Movie here: