Students have been told to be wary following a string of incidents which has left many fearing for their safety.

A Nottingham Trent University student, who wishes to remain anonymous, was the latest victim of an incident that has left the student scene in worry.

The girl was pulled into an alleyway on Kilbourn Street just before 6:15am on Sunday, by a man who is still yet to be found.

She said: “The man pulled me while I was screaming and was dragging at my play suit and leg.

“When my friend arrived he let go and ran into a building site of flats.”

The attack, which occurred on the highly populated student street, has left many Trent students in panic.

She said: “You shouldn’t assume you’re going to be safe even if you’re only going down the road.

“Make sure you have enough money to get a taxi back or someone to walk home with.”

In a report issued by the Complete University Guide in 2013 Nottingham was ranked 8th in the list of university cities most affected by crime.

Post graduate student, Aysha Bugel, spoke about how she felt unsafe in the city after being followed home from the student library.

The former criminology student said: “The man followed me on the tram and down my street. It was past midnight and when I looked he was right behind me.”

“He followed me into my accommodation building and I managed to shut the front door in his face. I’m sure he would of come inside if he got the chance.”

The incident, which was reported to the police, was a wake up call for the student who regularly walked home alone.

She said: “I appreciate it’s hard at university but the money spent on taxis at night is well worth your safety.”

Nottinghamshire police have advised students not to put themselves at risk by taking shortcuts in the early hours or walking alone.

A spokesperson said: “Make sure you arrange to go out in a group to get to know the city and its surroundings.”