A local man has taken his love of French bread and turned it into an independent business venture.

Philip Roadley, owner of Spelt & Rye, will be opening his first bakery on Friday, November 18.

The Hucknall based bread enthusiast discovered his passion for baking after returning from France, where he lived for 25 years.

Philip said: “When I came back to Nottingham I missed the bread that I’d been eating in France so much, so as a hobby I decided to try and see if I could replicate it.”

He added: “It became a passion and keen interest, so I decided I wanted to make it into a profession.”

For the last 18 months Philip has been selling his bread, amongst other places, at Park Farmer’s Market and Hucknall Market.

The Sir John Borlase Warren, a popular pub at Canning Circus, also sells the specialist bread.

The Sir John Borlase Warren sells Philip's bread.
The Sir John Borlase Warren sells Philip’s bread.

Philip said: “When I first started making bread professionally, I contacted the Lincoln Green Brewery in Hucknall and asked if I could link their website to mine, as I was putting their beer in my bread.

“They told me they’d taken over the Sir John Borlase Warren, and that I was welcome to use the bread ovens in the kitchens there!”

He added: “So I really have been very lucky this year and a half.”

“People can come in for bread and a beer… it sure does me!”
Philip Roadley, Owner of Spelt & Rye

Philip bakes specialist bread, including sourdoughs, baguettes, and croissants.

When he opens his bakery on Annesley Road next month he hopes also to sell beers from the Lincoln Green Brewery.

He said: “People can come in for bread and a beer… it sure does me!”

This week marks National Baking Week, a celebration of tasty treats and baking in all its forms.

So why not celebrate by heading down to Sir John Borlase Warren to sample Philips sourdough for yourself?

Alternatively, Philip makes personal deliveries to customers around the Park area.

For more information, visit http://speltandrye.co.uk/