A ‘killer clown’ sighting in Toton has unsettled the people of Nottingham.

The recent ‘killer clown’ fad that has been sweeping the UK reached Nottingham last week.

Somebody dressed in a full clown suit jumped out at a woman in Toton last Thursday, causing a stir in the community.

This recently revived craze involves people dressing up as ‘scary clowns’ and chasing strangers that cross their paths.

Matt Newman, 23, of Byron Halls said: “I’m not sure what’s going through the heads of the people that are actually doing it.”

“It’s becoming a public danger”
Richard Weare, NTU English Literature Student, The Lacemarket

Richard Weare, 21, of the Lacemarket agreed.

The English Literature student said: “I think it’s starting to get out of hand.”

He added: “It’s not just the silly thing it was in America now, it’s becoming a public danger.”

Though many of the clowns don’t intend to physically harm the people they jump out at, health implications should be taken into account as a risk.

Mozaffar Mahmoodi of Carrington said: “Some people have health issues, they could have a heart attack on the spot.

“I know they’re just trying to have fun, but they need to be more responsible.”

Nottingham locals give their opinions on the ‘crazy clown’ epidemic.

Some residents who weren’t particularly scared of the clowns themselves raised their concerns for young children.

Rita Lammiman of Bingham said: “If it happened in the day time whilst walking through town I’d probably find it quite funny.”

She added: “But clowns can be a bit scary for young children so it’s knowing where to draw the line.”

“It is not the way you should treat people.”
Mozaffar Mahmoodi, Carrington

Mrs Dolton of Bestwood Park called the fad frightening, and was also concerned for the wellbeing of children.

She said: “I think it’s quite frightening, especially for children because a lot of children don’t like clowns.

“It can appear quite menacing, I wouldn’t like to meet one even though I quite like clowns!”

Richard, the second year Nottingham Trent student, said that he’d heard about a man who was arrested for doing this clown ‘prank’ outside a primary school.

He said: “I don’t really know how they’d crack down on it, but it needs to happen.”

Mr Mahmoodi perfectly concludes that regardless of whether you’re scared of clowns or not, “It is not the way you should treat people.”