Nottingham Goose Fair is back for another year, but following the recent Alton Towers incidents there are safety concerns amongst citizens.

Benjamin Gulliford, 21, of Forest Fields Road West, said: “If static rides at theme parks can cause injuries like that then it makes you a bit nervous about travelling fair ground rides.”

The second year politics student said: “I like adrenaline and have done bungee jumps, but I wouldn’t go on that massive ride at the Goose Fair.”

Claire Vout of Forest Fields agreed with Benjamin.

The 69-year-old woman said: “the carousels and the dodgems are good fun, but that big wheel used to scare even my husband.”

She added: “I’m sure it probably is safe, but watching the carriages swing in the wind can be quite off putting.”

Keith has been working at the Goose Fair for 37 years, and explained the rigorous safety measures that take place on travelling fair ground rides.

The 55-year-old man from Norfolk said: “Travelling fairs actually tend to be much safer than rides at large theme parks due to how often safety checks take place.”

He added: “Theme park rides are tested every two years, whereas our rides are tested every day as soon as they’ve been set up.”

Health and safety notice at the fair.
Health and safety notice at the fair.

Jim Jones-Stevens, 54, of Beeston also works at the Goose Fair.

Reiterating Keith’s safety point, Jim said: “Everything’s run on hydraulics now, which is a lot safer than it used to be.”

Although it is always good to stay aware of your surroundings, the experts say you needn’t worry too much about being unsafe at the fair.