Nottingham Trent photography students hosted their third exhibition as part of their final year degree show Emerge last night.

The event was held at the Nottingham playhouse and exhibited the work of 8 graduate photographers.

Work that was featured covered a wide range of topics and themes including landscape, architecture and documentary photography.


Video: Graduate Jannene Brammer discusses her photography work 

Students, photographers and members of staff from Nottingham Trent attended the event, where they discussed the images and enjoyed a free bar.

Commercial Architecture photographer Martine Hamiltion Knight attended the event and will be awarding one of the final year students with an award for their work.

She said: “The work I have seen so far has been fantastic but photography is subjective so not everything appeals to everyone, but I think that anyone who comes to the show will identify with some pieces”.

“I’m looking forward to presenting one of the students with an award once I have attended all of the events”.

Last year George Cabbery was presented with the award for his black and white images that Knight described as ‘peaceful’ and almost ‘mathematical’.

Emerge will continue tonight at the Bohunk Institute at 6pm tonight.