Photography students hosted their final year degree show on Monday evening for Nottingham Trent University’s 20th annual photo festival.

The show, entitled Emerge, is based at 15 different venues around Nottingham City Centre including Bohunk Institute, Fox Talbot and American Apparel.

Final year photography student Annie Noble, 22, said: “We worked really hard for this exhibition and I’m so happy with how it’s all turned out.

“I’m looking forward to hearing what people think.”

Video: Photography student Danny Woodward is chairman for the degree show

This was the first year students were able to curate the space instead of tutors deciding how it would look.

They put together a collage of each of the 100 students’ work and used Mac computers to allow visitors to look through their website.

Each venue will be open for the next two weeks and private events will be running each evening over the next week.

Emerge Photo Fest 2016
Emerge Photo Fest 2016