A Notts MP has warned of the detrimental impact that leaving the European Union could have on the economy in Hucknall and wider Nottinghamshire.

Mark Spencer, 46, MP for Sherwood, cited that a domino effect beginning with the loss of big businesses could result in the unravelling of the local economy.

Mr Spencer said: “I think that the impact it could have on the economy could dramatically affect the people that live in my constituency.

“Because clearly some very large employers, such as Rolls-Royce, Toyota, Boots and also many small to medium sized enterprises that depend on those larger companies would be in danger.

He added: “It would have a definite knock-on effect. If you suddenly lose large employers out of Hucknall, then the income in that town dramatically reduces because people will have less and less disposable cash.”

Krzysztof Chrostowski, 24, of Superfi electronics in the city centre, shared the view that leaving the EU would be bad news.

Mark Walker, 53, owner of Hand Signed Autographs and Memorabilia, also in the city centre, struggled to foresee how leaving the EU would impact a small business like his.

Campaigning to highlight these potential issues to constituents has been a priority for MP Mark Spencer in Hucknall.

He said: “I’ve been acting locally to try to persuade my constituents to vote to stay in June. I’ve been involved in public meetings, we’re using social media to try and get our message across and overall we’re really trying to make sure that people understand the consequences of leaving.

He added: “I think that the longer the debate goes on, the more apparent it becomes to me that actually leaving doesn’t solve the challenges that the opposition campaign suggest.”

The Conservative politician further endorsed the importance of remaining a part of the European Union by stating that smaller constituencies and the UK as a nation have a shared interest in doing so.

He said: “I think that staying in the EU is very much best for Hucknall as well as the UK because people in this part of the world are very much dependent on the national economy to earn a living.”

A referendum to decide whether the UK will remain in the EU will take place on 23 June.