Billions is the latest TV import from America and looks set to be another successful addition to Sky Atlantic’s programme list every Thursday night at nine.

Think Wolf of Wall Street on the small screen.

The slick and stylish show centres on US Attorney Chuck Roades and his relentless pursuit of hedge fund manager Bobby “Axe” Axelrod who has made billions on the stock market.

An impressive cast is headed up by Damian Lewis (Bobby) and Paul Giamatti (Chuck) whilst many will recognise David Costabile from Breaking Bad as Bobby’s trash-talking right hand man.

Bobby survived the 9/11 attacks on the World Trade Center and re-established his fund in Connecticut where his generosity has given him a celebrity, almost god-like status.

The witty and charming trader pays the first year of tuition and board to the college-bound children of all his former colleagues who died on September 11.

His house is massive, he has a boat and wears a hoodie and jeans in the office.

However Chuck is in hot pursuit of Axe who is accused of insider trading and stock market manipulation.

The packed first episode has set the bar high with a brilliant cast and fast paced storyline.

The battle of egos between Axe and Chuck is intensified by the fact Chuck’s wife Wendy, played by Maggie Siff, works as a psychiatrist at Axe Capital.

Axe and Wendy share a close working relationship and the in-house performance coach is credited with helping Axe build his empire.

Chuck is a ruthless operator and is unfaltering in his desire to bring Axe to justice, repeatedly insisting the public deserve to know the truth about the rogue trader but his pursuit seems more personal.

The surprising and effective element of the programme is Chuck and Wendy’s relationship behind closed doors: the couple engage in Fifty Shades bedroom antics with Chuck as the submissive ‘slave.’

The packed first episode has set the bar high with a brilliant cast and fast paced storyline.

Billions is brazen yet stylish- a combination of Suits and The Wolf of Wall Street.

Episode two can’t come soon enough.