Nottingham’s Doughnut Co loosened their belts as a sweet celebration took place this week to help raise money for The Children’s Trust charity.

National Donut Week honours the infamous donut in all its glory and The Nottingham Doughnut Co felt it was the perfect opportunity to give its proceeds to a good cause.

The family-run business, based at Old Market Square, has been making brightly coloured donuts all week to represent the charity.

The fundraising collected £70 from donations and co-owners Wade Smith and Megan Scaddan will be contributing £35 also.

Co-owner of the independent business, Megan Scaddan, said: “I think it’s a brilliant cause and a win-win: You get a donut and you’re giving to charity.”

The Children’s Trust raises awareness of brain injury in children and offers a range of services such as rehabilitation, restoring lost skills and ensuring the family home is a suitable environment for their needs.

Ellie Farrier, the community fundraising assistant at the Trust, said: “I would like to thank The Nottingham Doughnut Co for taking part.

“All money raised during this fun, annual fundraising week will help to enhance the lives of some very special children.”

For every donut they sold, 20p went towards the charity.

“We’re so happy and over the moon with the result.”

Starting off as just a small delivery business service in her mother’s kitchen, co-owners Megan and her husband-to-be Wade, feel it’s important to donate to charity.

Megan said: “Since I was little I’ve always given to charities and as a business it’s great to help out other people who are less fortunate.”

The Nottingham Doughnut Co exceeded last year’s contributions of £27 by more than double this year.

Customer assistant at the company, Ashlea Williams, was delighted with the result and hopes this will inspire others to give to a good cause.

She said: “We had two donuts that we were selling in honour of the charity – one with vanilla sprinkles and the cookie donut.

“We’re so happy and over the moon with the result.”