Hundreds of Nottingham residents visited the Old Market Square this weekend to try their hand at tennis on the make shift courts set up by Tennis In Nottingham.

The Nottingham Tennis Centre and What’s on in Nottingham, teamed up to create the free event, have a go days, which took place on  Saturday, May 7.

This was the fifth year the event was held and this year’s have a go day saw the likes of the Sheriff of Nottingham and Robin Hood competing head to head on the courts.

Suzzi Garnett, a community tennis officer and this year’s event organiser, said: “I’ve been playing tennis my whole life and it’s such an amazing sport that we want to give people the chance to get involved and have a go.”

The 29-year-old added: “I’m working on a participation project trying to get more people to play tennis and give them opportunities, so hopefully this event will help.”

This year’s free tennis day had volunteers from the Nottingham Tourism Centre and the Nottingham Building Society on hand to help participants, volunteer to rally against them and paint faces.

Tennis in Nottingham sponsors the Aegon Tennis open and the Leicester Tigers.

Ed Jackson is a University of Nottingham medical student and the founder of Tennis Evolution, a campaign that aims to promote grass root tennis clubs.

The 21-year-old said: “This event is all about trying to extend the tennis season and keep tennis going all year round. We also want to widen access for disadvantaged people.”

He added: “We want people to come and play tennis in the city. We have so many free courts that anyone and everyone can get involved and play.”

Tennis in Nottingham is sponsored by The Lawn Tennis Association’s (LTA) who govern Tennis in Britain and focus on increasing tennis participation in the UK.