Classic Off-Off-Broadway musical Little Shop of Horrors has come to the Nottingham Arts Theatre to offer a different and light-hearted night to theatregoers.

The show is presented by Creatio Arts Ltd and has run through the first week of May.

It tells the story of Seymour (Tom Stanley), a young man who works in a flower shop which is on the verge of shutting down.

Things change when Seymour finds a strange carnivorous plant that needs feeding on human blood. He makes cuts on his fingers to nourish it and, as the plant grows bigger, more people come to the shop to see it.

Seymour then realises that his blood won’t be enough and will have to feed the plant fresh human bodies. Although he is upset by the idea, he decides that the crime – which he keeps secret – will make him a famous grower and admired by the woman he loves, Audrey (Katy Freeman).

The Creatio Arts have taken over the musical with great professionalism and care, and the night at the Arts Theatre is most enjoyable.

The faultless performance of the actors – who speak and sing in an American accent with great skill – is accompanied by energetic music originally written by Alan Menken. The musical parts of the show are alternated with the ones without music in a way that makes the experience never-boring and absorbing.

The show is down-to-earth and unpretentious, yet it has some memorable outcast characters – including the talking and singing carnivorous plant – whose bizarre story manages to excite and amuse the audience throughout the two acts.