Nottinghamshire’s newly re-elected Police and Crime Commissioner has warned against the threat of terrorism ahead of a second tenure.

Paddy Tipping has identified terrorism as a priority for Nottinghamshire Police over the next four years after he was re-elected on Thursday.

Recent attacks have sparked urgency among the police as the Commissioner declared that nowhere is immune from terror, including the city of Nottingham.

Commissioner Paddy Tipping said: “Terrorism is a real and immediate threat, we learnt that most recently after the Paris bombings.”

The former Labour MP also condemned budget cuts and suggested that the threat of terrorism may have caused Chancellor George Osborne to opt out of initial plans to slash the police budget.

Paddy Tipping said: “With the chancellor on the verge of slashing police budgets even further, the news of the Paris shootings may have been a wakeup call.”

He added: “The penny finally dropped on the government because if there was an event like that here, what would the public think about the cutting of another 40 percent from the police budget.”

The words of the PCC come as Broadmarsh shopping centre has been evacuated this morning following a hoax bomb threat.