The opening of Nottingham’s new all-you-can-eat dessert cafe in Lenton has been delayed after the shop was vandalised on Saturday night.

The owner of OMG Cheesecakes was planning to open the cafe to the public on Monday 9 May but this has been set back due to the attack.

Mr Raheel Ali and Kay Shah have apologised for any inconvenience caused and are hoping to get everything sorted as soon as possible in the hope of opening the cafe later this week.

Mr Ali said: “Myself and my wife were meant to come in on Sunday to clean and prepare for the opening but after what happened I was too upset to come in here.”

“But I woke up on Monday and went straight to the shop, I won’t let something atrocious like this let me and my business down so I am staying positive.”

The owner of OMG Cheesecakes Raheel Ali.

The cafe, Abbey Street, Lenton is the first all-you-can-eat dessert shop in Nottingham, where diners pay £7 to eat as much as they want.

All six triple glazed windows of the shop have been smashed with what is believed to be a hammer.

Mr Ali said: “Someone must have come with a hammer and purposely smashed each window, its definitely not an accident.”

The business has cost roughly £5,000 to set up but the owners are now set back as they have to spend more time and money on fixing the windows of the shop before they can open.

Mr Ali said: “I’m hoping to get everything ready to open as soon as possible but fixing the windows is going to be a big issue.”

He added: “We had a lot of support from the locals and the community and luckily no one has said anything negative about the fact that we couldn’t open on time.”

Mr Ali and his family have had a lot of support from the community and received over 400 emails the following morning after the incident.

Kendyl Erasmus who lives on Abbey Street said: “I was very sad and shocked to hear about what happened, I, like many others was excited to come and try the place out on Monday.

“I can’t believe that someone could have done something ridiculous like this in my neighbourhood.”

Mr Ali and his wife also own Cake City in Canning Circus and they are confident that OMG Cheesecakes’ success will lead them to opening another shop in the city centre.

Mr Ali said: “We went viral so we want to open more shops and spread, the city centre doesn’t have anything like this yet.

“This is good but the city is where the money is at, we did see a shop in the city centre but someone else has brought it before us.”

Mr Ali is still looking for witnesses to come forward and has contacted the police. Call 101 if you have any details.