There are about two laughable parts to this “comedy”, which is never a good sign. One would be the sight of a toddler playing with a sex toy, if you find that kind of stuff amusing. Two would be Zac Efron’s confusion as to why boiling eggs make them hard and boiling pasta makes it soft, surprisingly a good point.

Following on from original movie Bad Neighbours 1, in 2014, we find ourselves returning to the lives of married couple Kelly and Mac (Rose Byrne and Seth Rogan) who are now selling their home, after recovering from the horrors of having a frat house located next door.

The deal on the couple’s home is put into escrow, meaning they need 30 days without disruption. Everything seems to be going well until new sorority Kappa Nu decide to move in next door. This rowdy group is led by the weed-smoking Shelby (Chloë Grace Moretz) and is resolutely anti-sexist, apparently determined to party harder than its predecessors.

The first film wasn’t exactly comedy gold but it worked as a comfort blanket for those worried about being uncool now they were approaching middle age, along with their attendant fears about being useless parents.

As for Efron, whose torso now looks as though he could iron his own shirts on it, he seems to be the loneliest hot jock in the world, compared to his previous title as the popular leader of his fraternity. Out of sympathy Moretz and co take him under their wing.

There is alot of tampon throwing, pot-stealing and more hopeless jokes as to why Kelly and Mac’s daughter is grabbing onto a sexy toy.

As for the performances, Rogen is still having his regular trademark freak-outs while Moretz, with her innocent looks, is an uneasy fit as a marijuana smoking rebel.

In the end, it was down to Teddy (Efron) to prevent the whole thing nosediving into one-star ignominy as he gamely sends up his image as a none too bright gay pin-up.

The sight of Zac Efron shirtless and dancing provocatively still didn’t seem to save this desperately unfunny comedy and that’s saying something. Oh and heads up, Selena Gomez plays a completely irrelevant role in the movie.