Unnerving, operatic and beautifully thought-provoking as ever. James Blake’s surprise album The Colour In Anything is yet another triumph from the Enfield producer.

Just like Overgrown before it, surely will be the answer to fashion brand All Saints’ summer playlist troubles.

This is not an album to be joked abou however.

Featuring collaborations with Bon Iver, Frank Ocean, Kanye West and the great Rick Rubin, it is clear for all to see that James Blake has become part of an exclusive club of artists that perhaps can only be termed as genius.

The journey this album takes you on cannot be captured by merely mentioning a few songs.

But there are some highlights such as Radio Silence, f.o.r.e.v.e.r, I Need a Forest Fire, Modern Soul and Meet You In The Maze that can only begin to show James Blake’s progression since his last release and why he is such an important artist in the current climate.

The piano-playing-prodigy has now become a master of emotion through sequencing.

Shivers will shoot down your spine and you will form a genuine emotional attachment to the music upon first listen.

Landscapes built through synthesis and a true appreciation of the purest form of song writing are depicted perfectly in a magnificent water-colour by Sir Quentin Blake, illustrator of children’s novelist, Roald Dahl.

The Colour In Anything is an album that gives you every feeling life offers, from tears to elation.

James Blake has created a work that will never be lost in the midst of your iTunes library, you will always remember the way it made you feel that first time you heard it.

The Colour In Anything is available to download from iTunes and to stream from Spotify worldwide now.