beyonce-lemonade-poster-thatgrapejuice-600x647Beyoncé has done it again – surprising us die-hard fans by releasing her sixth album just days after legend Prince died. It’s a welcome reminder that legends still walk among us.

The album named Lemonade was released on Jay-Z’s own music platform, Tidal, on April 23 and it’s described as “every woman’s journey of self-knowledge and healing”.

This record is Beyoncé’s second visual album meaning the tracks were accompanied by a one-hour film which was first aired on HBO (Home Box Office).

Lemonade features a variety of genres including rap, soul, funk, blues, R&B, hip-hop, gospel and even a country track.

There’s been many speculations that Lemonade is an entire album of emotional dissonance and marital meltdown which unusually makes us respect the world-famous celebrity even more.

When life gives you lemons, Beyoncé makes Lemonade.

One of the most popular songs on the album, Hold Up, is already one of my ultimate summer songs. I will be surprised if this isn’t aired on the radio soon. Does this track prove that Jay-Z may have cheated on Queen Bey? “Can’t you see there’s no other man above you? What a wicked was to treat the girl that loves you” hits us right in the feels.

6 Inch is an empowering song in which Beyoncé encourages women to stay on the grind and keep earning their money. The lyrics “grinds from Monday to Friday, works from Friday to Sunday” reflects this. Beyoncé also refers back to a woman who “walked in the club and murdered everybody with her fierceness”.

This is an album that I have listened to over and over and over again and I will continue to do so throughout summer 2016. When life gives you lemons, Beyoncé makes Lemonade.