Shops across the Lace Market are concerned about the effects of the tram works on their businesses.

This impacts directly on the Lace Market tram stop as no trams will be running between Old Market Square and the train station over the weekend.

Many shops in Hockley and Lace Market are worried about the impact as customers could be deterred from browsing in their shops.

Angela Smallwood, 65, is a volunteer and a shop manager at specialist book shop, Bookwise, in Hockley was concerned about the tram works.

Angela, from Beeston, said: “Since the tram has been stopping at the Lace Market it has made a huge difference.

“The tram is immeasurable and it is so helpful in bringing people to our shop.

“It could well impact on how we do this weekend as the tram stop entices people in.

bookwise 1“We had a couple on Monday come from Cambridgeshire for the day and they had taken a ride on the tram and found our shop.

“We’re aware there is a lot of life in Hockley and the Lace Market and this means we are becoming more visible due to more coffee shops and cafes opening.”

Angela’s fellow colleague at Bookwise, Richard King, 74, from Beeston, said: “It will be interesting to see if the tram works will impact our weekend business.

“The Lace Market has many shops that help make a presence here and brings the same crowd to our shop.”

Tram replacement works are taking place between Victoria Street and Middle Hill and won’t be concluded until Sunday.

Rachel Yardley, 35, from Mapperley, works at Classic CD on Goose Gate and said: “We are a weekend destination and if people can’t get up the hill to Lace Market then it certainly will deter them from coming here.

“It was a surprise for me this morning coming to work as I had no idea it was happening.”

tram 3Tom Barkes, 40, from Chilwell, also works in Classic CD but believes that it won’t affect the shop’s trade at all.

Tom said: “People will do what they did before which was either walk here or take a bus to find us at the weekend.

“We’re always busy on a weekend and I don’t think that will change with the tram works.”

Among the Hockley shops is independent boutique shop, Dezigne who rely on customers getting off the tram and discovering them.

Owner of Dezigne, Adam Spinos, 43, from Long Eaton, said: “Saturday is usually our busiest day and if the tram works are blocking off part of the road then it could be difficult for customers to get over the hill.

“This area is different to other places as the location can make it very quiet for business and it can be very tough anyway as people don’t know about some of the shops here.”

Craig Severn, 28, staff member at MySight, hoped business would carry on as normal and said: “Saturdays are by far the busiest for us and hopefully it won’t impact on us that much as most of our trade we get on foot anyway.

“I live in Bingham and had no idea the tram works were going on but I don’t think it will affect us hugely.”

A NET spokesman said: “After 12 years of constant use, we need to replace some of the track to ensure the smooth and effective running of the system whilst also improving the paved area around the nearby tram stop.

“Nottingham’s tram network is a huge asset to the people of Nottingham and we want to make sure we keep the system in tip-top condition for the many millions of passenger journeys made on the system each year.”